Sara Soulati Is Global Cardio Care CEO

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Sara Soulati Is Founder of Global Cardio Care

Sara Soulati has dedicated her entire professional career to saving lives with EECP and her program Sara Soulati Health for Life.

As a pioneer in the field of EECP, she earned her Bachelor of Science degree from California State Long Beach in medical anthropology and biology. She founded Global Cardio Care in 2002, and prior to that she was clinical director at Cardiac Renewal Centers in Los Angeles.

After spending many hours at the bedside of people seeking an alternative to invasive cardiovascular therapy, Sara Soulati created her lifestyle medicine program.

The Sara Soulati Health for Life Program includes lifestyle modification and elimination of risk factors combined with EECP to prevent disease and reverse cardiovascular disease, too. When you enroll in the program, trained lifestyle coaches help you every day for one hour of treatment. The basic program is 35 hours, and along the way, you get:

  • Education with 35 hours of audiotapes and handouts in the Sara Says series
  • Screening for blood pressure, weight, blood sugar, and cholesterol
  • Treatment with EECP every day
  • Assessment with instant feedback about your nutritional choices; Sara wants you to choose a plant-based lifestyle
  • Coaching with love and support so you make the proper choices every single day

When Sara launched her career in 1996, she began with elite athletes very early on. She studied the effects of EECP on the physiology of athletes for recovery time, speed and stamina for the Los Angeles sprint team.

Over the years, Sara Soulati has worked alongside physicians to educate them about the benefits of EECP as a solution for long term health. EECP is non-surgical, is FDA cleared, and safe. It is a treatment for cardiovascular disease, and it is approved by Medicare for reimbursement for advanced angina pectoris.

Sara Soulati is a vegan and has maintained that lifestyle since 1989. She learned early that plant-based nutrition is preferred to prevent and reverse cardiovascular disease.

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