Global Cardio Care CEO

In 2010, Sara Soulati invented her disease prevention and lifestyle modification program called The Sara Soulati Health For Life Program. The program is patent pending.

Throughout her lengthy career in the field of EECP, a treatment to fight and prevent cardiovascular disease called Enhanced External Counterpulsation, Sara has seen firsthand the extent people suffer with cardiovascular disease. She has been a pioneer in the field of EECP since 1996, and along the way she realized the need for a lifestyle and disease prevention program.

In her program, people experience five elements of education, assessment, coaching with love and positivity, and treatment. Daily vital signs are checked and measured while a qualified technician asks about nutrition based on blood pressure and weight.

During the program, people listen to audiotapes created by Sara that teach topics important to daily nutrition and lifestyle choices. In addition to learning about the proper foods to eat, there are tapes on meditation, hydration, and how to put it all together for a healthier life long term.

As more disease prevention programs take root amongst the nation’s healthcare professionals, there is greater emphasis on education and planning to help people take control of their healthcare choices.

Sara Soulati is CEO of Global Cardio Care, Inc. She manages two centers dedicated to the practice and delivery of EECP. Reach her at 310-412-8181.

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