CEO Sara Soulati Heals Hearts With EECP Lifestyle Program

ALT="Sara Soulati EECP with Patient"I am Sara Soulati, CEO of Global Cardio Care, Inc. I heal hearts.

Did you know that cardiovascular disease remains the number-one killer in the U.S., and world, but it doesn’t have to be? Cardiovascular disease is a lifestyle illness that can be modified with a reduction in risk factors like eating animal byproducts, smoking, alcohol, caffeine, and ingesting wide varieties and quantities of pharmaceuticals.

Since I was 16-years-old, I have been a vegetarian and then a vegan holding myself to rigorous plant-based nutrition by eating raw foods grown and prepared organically. I combine this approach with meditation, yoga, deep breathing, daily cardio, a connection to God and my spirituality, with love. Always love.

I want to bring you along on my journey of spirit, fight, health, and love. You can begin your training when you enroll in my program, The Sara Soulati® Health for Life ™ Program, my lifestyle modification and prevention and reversal of disease approach.

My commitment to be the world’s leading authority on EECP (Enhanced External Counterpulsation) prompted development of my patent-pending program. When I put love and support health coaching first and wrap you in a huge hug every day, then you are enjoined with me on a journey together, a journey in which you are in total control of your healthiest future.

When you come, you will listen, learn, take action, and I will heal your heart at the same time. You will feel welcome, you will be my student, and you will feel the compassion I have for your future. I want to cure cardiovascular disease; I want this lifestyle illness to disappear, and it begins with each heartbeat within you.

Come to my center and enroll in the Sara Soulati Health for Life Program with EECP. The Sara Soulati Method of EECP is something I developed based on thousands of hours at bedside with people from all walks of life.

Heart disease doesn’t care about the color of your skin or your socioeconomic status; heart disease takes victims from everywhere. That’s why I need to teach you about plant-based nutrition, lifestyle modification, reversal and prevention of disease, and give you instant feedback about your daily life and vital signs.

My program addresses all cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, angina, peripheral vascular disease, erectile dysfunction, sports recovery and enhancement, obesity, anti-aging, and so much more. Take control of your health destiny with the Sara Soulati Health for Life Program. I wALT="Global Cardio Care, EECP"ant to heal your heart. You’ll find me at Global Cardio Care, Inc. in Los Angeles. You may reach me at 310-473-3030 or complete an inquiry form at Global Cardio Care.

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